How to Participate the Tournament in Pocket Option – Claiming a Prize

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Tournaments on the Pocket Option platform consists of a closed group of users trading on the same asset and having the same starting balance. A trader with the biggest profit wins. Depending on the tournament settings, usually the first three places in the tournament are prize-winning and are awarded a cash prize. Trading takes place on a virtual balance, so the tournament participant does not spend funds on the live account balance when trading in the tournament.

Tournaments section consists of three tabs. Tournament “Progress” shows brief statistics and the tournaments that you are participating in at the moment. “Current” tournaments are the ones that you can participate in. “Upcoming” tournaments are those that will become available in the future.

Finding the information on tournaments

To find information about a tournament and its conditions, click on any tournament that you are interested in and a new window will open with tournament details, such as description, goal, and conditions.

Participating in the tournament

To participate in a tournament, the user must complete the account verification procedure.

Once the account is verified, go to the Registration tab and confirm participation.

Tournament re-buy feature

Re-buy feature adds 100 tournament currency units when your balance drops below 100. To top up the tournament account, click on the “Re-buy” button on the upper right of the trading interface.

Choose the “Re-buy” tab in the window that opens and confirm the action.

Claiming a tournament prize

To take the prize, you need to open the “Progress” tab, choose the tournament that you won from the “History”, and click “Take the prize”.

Please note that the tournament rating is calculated on the profit made, not the current balance.

Attention: According to the platform terms and conditions, you can withdraw the funds that you won in a free tournament only after you make a deposit.


Achievement is an award for trading activity. A trader need to fulfill certain conditions to unlock an achievement

Achievements menu can be found on the left-side panel of the trading interface.

An unlocked achievement grants certain amount of gems as well as experience point. Gems can be used to purchase trading advantages in the Market, while experience points increase your account level and allow you to purchase more valuable goods in the Market.

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