How to Purchase a Promo Code and Activate It in Pocket Option

Promo codes add a certain percentage of the bonus funds to the deposited amount with the client’s deposit. Promo code conditions and features vary, for example, a 100% deposit bonus promo code will add a 100% bonus to any deposit over $100.

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Purchasing a promo code

Open the Market and proceed to the “Promo codes” page.

Choose the desired bonus and click on the “Purchase” and “Confirm” buttons in the window that opens.

Checking a promo code conditions

You can find the promo code terms and conditions by clicking on the appropriate link under each bonus available in the Market.

Deposit bonus conditions are fully explained in the pop-up window that appears.

If you already have a promo code, you can check its terms and conditions on the Finance – Promo codes page.

You will be able to find an active promo code as well as execution progress, all available promo codes including the ones purchased in the Market or received as a gift. To check the promo code conditions click on the “Check” button next to a code.

Activating a promo code

If you purchased a promo code in the Market, go to the Purchases section and activate the promo code.

To confirm activation, proceed to deposit and choose a payment method.

The promo code will appear in the special box for promo codes.

Checking the bonus execution progress

To check the bonus execution progress, go to the Finance – Promo codes page.

Bonus to balance

Bonus to balance adds real funds to your trading account balance. You can use gems to purchase them. There are no turnover requirements and you can use it right away for trading or request a withdrawal.

You can activate a Bonus to balance feature in the “Purchases” section of the Market.

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