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Pinbar candle

In the financial world, there are special candles called pinbars. Their main feature is having a very small body and a long shadow on one side. On the other end, there can be no shadow or a very short one. The long shadow may point downwards or upwards and the pinbar will be called bullish or bearish accordingly.

Bullish and Bearish pinbars schemes

Pinbars significance in trading

Pinbars are a sign of a change in the market direction. If you notice the pinbar pattern during the downtrend and the wick is pointing down, it indicates the upcoming uptrend.

Pinbars and their wicks

When the pinbar with a long wick pointed upwards appears during the uptrend, you may expect the prices to go down.

Perfect pinbar candle

Ideal bearish pinbar

There are distinguished ideal candles among pinbars. There are two conditions for a pinbar to be called a perfect candle.

  • The opening and closing of the pinbar are situated close to the previous candle’s top or its bottom.
  • Both, the opening and closing of the pinbar fall within the previous candle. That area is known as the left eye.

Ideal bullish pinbar

The ideal pinbar’s presence is believed to be a strong indication to enter a position.

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