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Binary Options Academy is the largest financial education institution focused on binary options trading and education. We work on making all our courses available online and in the meantime, we share our comprehensive collection of tutorials, guides, and professional articles. We are committed to this type of trading accessible to the public. For the experienced traders who are interested in financial markets insight, use our daily market news and signals articles to find leads to successful trades. You can also use the real-time charts tool and the economic calendar.

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Whether you already opened your investment account with a broker or need to decide which broker to choose, we recommend reading the essential tutorials we share with you. We work in binary trading for years and still discover new strategies every once in a while.

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A simplified trading method

As experienced traders, we wanted to share with you the binary options market which was the best-kept secret of expert traders for years. The interesting point is that binary options are also suitable for beginners because they are essentially a simplified way to trade. Instead of calculating rates and values, we only need to make simple decisions like: will a stock go up or down (increase or decrease in value). This is why we stated that this is a good starting point for people with no financial background that wants to participate in the lucrative financial world. The simplification does not mean these are not profitable financial instruments because practically these are very high-paying investment tools.

Education is everything (almost)

It is a known fact among experienced traders that investment education and practice improve profitability over time. Until our courses are made available online we can provide you with the knowledge and you can choose from the best binary options brokers list or the full list linked from the top menu. You must learn about fundamental analysis and technical analysis to improve the success rate. In addition, read our daily market news and signaling articles with specific accurate tips for trading. Learn more about the economic calendar, strategies, and chart types, all available under the education section.

Essential information

Although tutorials are essential to improve your trading skills, they are not enough. There are many aspects traders should learn over time that is not only about trading strategies. The below list is just a sample of the variety of professional trading articles we cater to in this portal. To make the most of your trading sessions and improve your success rate, you need to acquire many skills and a deep understanding of the tools, the strategies, and the market.

Binary options wiki/dictionary

This section available from the top menu across the portal is the most comprehensive wiki available on the internet with over 100 professional definitions for trading, charts, strategies, analysis, patterns, and more. You will be able to learn about support and resistanceFibonacci retracementBollinger bands, and other tools that will improve your trading performance and your profitability over time.

Brokers reviews

As part of the commitment to provide valuable objective information, we conduct reviews of all professional brokers in the market to inform about their strengths and weaknesses and to be able to rate them. We use a set of factors we check for every broker we examine and run specific surveys among professional traders to back from professional investors that have experience with the broker. Find everything you need to know about any broker and choose the right one for you. If you feel like you do not know how to choose your broker and that the review is not enough, you can read the dedicated article about choosing the right broker.

Forex trading

We have dedicated articles for forex assets covering all major forex pairs. You can read in the wiki section about the nicknames of the forex pairs and their significance to be able to communicate like a professional trader or get statistical information about forex trading. You can read about specific currencies including the USD (US Dollar), the EUR (Euro), the JPY (Japanese Yen), GBP, CAD, AUD, CHF, NZD, and which broker supports each asset.

Stocks trading

Stocks are very popular among traders because we usually prefer trading on assets we are familiar with. There are economic psychology researchers that claim there is an emotional aspect to choosing the asset. Many traders choose to invest in companies they “like” or use their products although they may perform less than other companies in the same sector. We have an array of professional articles about companies in global markets and state for each of them the brokers that support them. Some of the mentioned companies include Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Intel, Honda, Baidu, Vodafone, BP, Toyota, Sony, France Telecom, Renault, Coca-Cola, Nike, and Exxon Mobil.

Commodities trading

Commodities are very popular assets to trade with and they have a very active market around the clock in global markets. The most traded commodities include Oil, Gold, and Silver. Other commodities that are also traded in large quantities include metals (Copper, Platinum, Palladium), energy (Heating gas), meat (Lean hogs), grains (corn, wheat), and other kinds like Coffee, Cocoa, Lumber, and Orange juice. Our articles include a specification of strategies and supporting brokers to make trading commodities easier.

Relevant deposit methods

The funding methods (deposit methods) are the supported payment methods available to transfer the money to the investment account. There are many payment methods supported by brokers including local methods. Different brokers support different payments that are relevant to the markets they work in. All major credit cards are supported by all trading platforms; you can also use wire transfer, bank transfer, electronic wallet solutions like PayPal, and other methods. Our specific articles specify the benefits of different payment methods and mention some of the leading providers that support these methods.